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A leader in waterproofing services with 25 years of experience, Kingsway Waterproofing is definitely the best choice when it comes to premium waterproofing services and foundation repairs. By combining expertise and innovative technologies, we give every client the best service that they truly deserve.

   At Kingsway Waterproofing we specialize in solving problems such as water penetration through the foundation walls, mould, fungi, efflorescent build up and moisture.

Mould in your basement can lead to allergies, respiratory illness and other health problems. Protect your Family and your Investment!

Water leakage will occur due to at least one of the following main factors:
* Lack of proper waterproofing
*Damaged foundation walls (cracks)
* Lack of maintenance: Improper grading, poorly functional eaves troughs and downspouts.
* Topographical location of the structure (elevation)
* Seasonal water levels in the soil
* Type of fill around the home (clay, sand, rock or soil)
* Landscaping (tree roots, garden, interlocking and asphalt)

Each project is carefully investigated, diagnosed, treated and finished with utmost professionalism and competence. Each project is also covered by a 20 year transferable certificate of guarantee against any water penetration.

At Kingsway Waterproofing we are dedicated to not only ensuring your continual health, but we will also ensure that you will be pleased with the financial cost. Water is our friend; we want to ensure that it is yours as well. Besides, we have over twenty five years of experience in the industry to back our word. Thank you for trusting and choosing Kingsway Waterproofing. We guarantee to put your mind at ease.


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